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Client Testimonials

What our clients are saying about us:

“My staff and I have used the StrengthsFinder themes in conflict resolution…”

— Karen McLaughlin, Financial Controller

“Attending Cynthia’s Strengths Based Leadership workshop was a real eye-opener for me! I have a much better understanding of how to partner with and motivate my employees. I also realize how critical it is to surround myself with a team that has different strengths. Thank you Cynthia for being such a great facilitator! ”

— Nancy Hetrick, CDFA™, AWMA®, Smarter Divorce Solutions, LLC

“Cynthia did a fabulous job with identifying strengths and weaknesses within my business utilizing resources such as Gallup StrengthsFinder assessment. She presented the material thoroughly and helped staff members and leaders see the areas each excelled in based off their StrengthsFinder assessment. She ended our staff meeting with team exercises to engage the staff to create their own solutions in the areas we were struggling by using their individual strengths. I would highly recommend this process for any organization and Cynthia did such a great job of connecting with my staff and made it very engaging and fun. Thank you Cynthia!”

— Lisa VanBockern, Owner/Founder, Skin Script Skin Care

“RISE Strengths gives me a better understanding of my strengths and how to use them to my advantage, as well as how to manage or mature the basements or negative parts of my strengths.”

— Kristin Steinhilber, Director of Partnerships

“Discovering my strengths and learning how to embrace them has helped me become more productive in my business.  Being part of a RISE Advisory Team gave me the support of others unique strengths which helped me stay focused on a long term plan that has ultimately taken my business to the next level. Take the challenge (no ice water involved) find out your strengths by joining a RISE Advisory Team”

— Bonnie

“Thanks to the RISE Strengths Advisory Team, I’m now more comfortable knowing my personal strengths are valuable and how to use them for professional and personal growth.”

— Jeremy Heath, Marketing Manager