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What is RISE?

We are dedicated to developing dependable and authentic relationships with those who desire continued growth professionally and personally.  To find out more, check out our About Us page.

What is a RISE Advisory Team?

RISE Advisory Teams are groups in which individuals can come together to collaborate in efforts to support each other professionally and personally in order to attain the goals desired by each member.

For more information check out the RISE Advisory team page!

How will a RISE Advisory Team benefit me?

RISE provides resources such as: training, mentoring, networking and consulting which also empowers individuals through education, knowledge sharing, skill development and support via a Mastermind groups.

For more information check out the RISE Advisory team page!

Who will be on my RISE Advisory Team?

Each team will have a domain (RISE) represented so that each person will be able to get the most from the group.

Can I choose my own RISE Advisory Team to go through the process with?

If you have a group of individuals you would like to go through the process with you, great! Contact us and we can look at each of your unique domains and make sure that your group will be a great match together.

When is the next RISE Advisory Team and how do I register?

Check out our Registration Page for more details on upcoming events and groups.

Can my organization/business sign up for a RISE Advisory Team?

YES! We love working with businesses and other organizations. Please contact us so we can tailor a plan to your unique business needs.

Who is Gallup and what is the StrengthsFinder?

Gallup completed 30 years of research on the topic of strengths and formulated an assessment that helps people identify what they do best every day. Strengths are the unique combination of talents, knowledge, and skills that every person possesses.

For more information check out the Who is Gallup page!

What are RISE Self-Managed Teams?

Self-Managed Teams are a strategic positioning tactic, organizations can utilize to set its services, brand(s) and products apart from its competitors.

Contact us to learn more about Self-Managed Teams and how we can start your organization on the path to a competitive edge.