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Organizational Support Workshops and Training

When you hear “organizational support workshop,” it doesn’t exactly evoke images of fun brainstorming sessions, unique training exercises and at least a few major “aha!” moments, does it?

Well, the type of support workshops RISE Strengths offers will change the way you think — we promise.

But what is an organizational support workshop, anyway?

If you or your company is looking to foster stronger team dynamics and instill a sustainable culture of communication and collaboration — this workshop is for you.

Some of the things you’ll learn:

  • The true power behind working as a team.
  • The value of knowing your own strengths and the strengths of your team members.
  • The importance of perception, and how that affects communication.
  • How to work with (and seek out!) fellow team members who have strengths different than your own.

Whether it’s a full-day workshop or an ongoing training engagement, we make three promises to all of our workshop attendees. You will:

  1. Have fun (yes, you can have fun at work!).
  2. Have that classic “aha-light-bulb-over-the-head” moment (at least one!).
  3. Have an appreciation for different strengths (and different communication styles).

We have a variety of workshop and training offerings, including:

  • Half-day workshop — Introduction to team members’ Top 5 Strengths and what it looks like to pull from other team members strengths.
  • Full-day workshop — Individuals learn their Top 5 Strengths, team members’ Top 5 Strengths and how they use each other’s complementary-minded strengths to engage and complete goals for the organization

Sound interesting? We’d love the chance to talk with you more about you, your organization and how RISE can help. Visit the contact us page and send us an email today!