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Young Adult Programs

Today’s students and young professionals have more access to knowledge and career paths than any generation before them. While that’s an amazing privilege, it can also be daunting, even paralyzing.

When opportunities are endless, how do you know where to start?

You have to start with you — after all, you’re the only one who can do it your way!

  • Are you a high school student applying for college?
  • A college student trying to decide a major?
  • An applicant going for that first internship?
  • A young professional trying to figure out where you fit into the working world?
  • A parent with a child feeling the pressure of the future?

Our programs help you get to know who you truly are, giving you the advantage you need to capitalize on your strengths and find your path.

Uncover who you are and use your natural strengths to your advantage, both personally and professionally!


Young Adult Programs

4-Hour Session

This introductory session includes:

  • Your Top 5 Core Strengths 
  • A Better Understanding of Yourself
  • How your Top 5 Core Strengths tie into their personal brand and messaging
  • How to incorporate your Top 5 Core Strengths into your cover letters, resumes and interviews

3-Month 1:1 INSIGHT Program

Learn your Top 5 Core Strengths and how to leverage them on a deeper level. Gain valuable new insights into what differentiates you from others, and use these insights to develop a personal road map for an improved professional and personal future. This roadmap will give you the tools you need to find opportunities that truly align with who you are.

You’ll also learn how to clearly articulate your Top 5 Core Strengths in cover letters, resumes and interviews, while better communicating with peers, teachers, coaches, guidance counselors, parents future employees and others.

The INSIGHT Program includes:

  • One 90-minute Kickoff and Orientation Session
  • Five Core Strength Tracks (one for each of your Top 5 Core Strengths — that’s five coaching tracks!) Each of these five deep dive tracks includes:

— One 90-minute Core Strength Coaching Session

— One 30-minute Q&A Session

— One 60-minute Apply & Leverage Session

— One 15-minute Accountability Check-in Session

  • One 2-hour Wrap-up and “My Future” Road Map Session